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“I don’t know what just happened in my science class, but I’m glad it did."

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Aligned to NGSS and CCSS

Animated Mysteries

No more lectures. All of Mosa Mack’s units start with a 6-7 minute animated mystery that engages students with plot, humor, songs, and ends with a question that students get to solve.


Because there’s no better way to learn about photosynthesis than from R&B pop-star, Jason D’Chloroplast.

Hands-on Activities

Inquiry activities that use materials you already have, giving students a tactile way to experience the concepts learned in the episode. Want to make it more inquiry-based? We’ve got you covered. Want to make it less inquiry-based? We can do that too. Use our inquiry-scale to implement the lesson in a way that makes sense for your class.

Engineering Design Challenge

Challenge students to apply what they’ve learned to solve real-world and relevant problems. Never taught engineering before? We’ve got you covered! We’ll walk you through best practices of implementing the iterative design process.


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Climate Change


Food Chains



May 4th


May 15th


May 27th

Genetic Variation

June 10th

Atoms & Molecules

June 24th

States of Matter

July 1st

Thermal Energy

July 15th

Newton’s Laws

July 30th


August 12th

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Teachers Love Mosa

“I was excited to see how Mosa Mack encouraged my students to want to learn more. It was amazing and exciting to finally have a product that students could apply to their real world!”
- Debbie Locke

“My students were transfixed by Mosa Mack. They loved the story line, connected with the humor, and engaged in complex problem-solving exercises.”
- Tracy Fuad

“As an African-American in a STEM field, I appreciate and am encouraged by the work you are doing.”
- Tealeda Nesbitt

“Mosa Mack takes a new and much-needed approach to science education.”
- Zach Rome

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